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Experience the magic of cooking outdoors with a Roostr Outdoor Kitchen

Experience the magic of cooking outside every summer and winter evening, with the luxurious outdoor kitchen from Roostr! Delicious dishes on the table in no time, without losing sight of your guests. Have good conversations and create unforgettable moments while the meat is cooking on the BBQ and the oven is heating your home-made pizza. Thanks to extra work and storage space, every dish can be prepared entirely in the garden and you can fully enjoy the outdoors in the presence of your guests. Be inspired by one of our delicious recipes or cook your own favorite dish with your luxurious outdoor kitchen in the open air. Because outside tastes better!

Meet Rubix

The ultimate outdoor kitchen, made from a combination of stainless and galvanized steel, finished with a three-layer matt black powder coating.

Rubix is ​​available in 4 modules; the Rubix Single, Duo, Duo Gas and Bar which can always be expanded using a coupling system. Experience outdoor cooking at its best with Roostr Rubix outdoor kitchen.

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Meet Allure

Allure. Designed with the most beautiful materials, this kitchen exudes class. Where every meal is a celebration of taste, style and the good life. Will you choose the Allure Doble, Triple or the Cuatro? With a range of styles, colors and layout options, Allure offers unprecedented flexibility to meet your unique tastes and needs.

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Put together your modular outdoor kitchen yourself

Chic and luxurious or cool and industrial? Or would you rather be modern and timeless? The Roostr outdoor kitchens are self-assembled. Create your own style with our 3D configurator and choose from various materials and kitchen modules. For example, integrate your favorite BBQ or combine a heat-resistant worktop with a container set to safely store your ingredients. Are you going for a warm wooden worktop or would you prefer a sustainable Dekton top?

Discover Roostr's modular outdoor kitchens through our 3D configurator and create your own outdoor kitchen!

Innovative and sustainable outdoor kitchens

Roostr introduces the Rubix outdoor kitchen; a sustainable outdoor kitchen designed in the Netherlands that can be completely assembled yourself. The outdoor kitchen is produced in a CO2-neutral manner and consists of a high-quality mix of materials. For example, Roostr's luxury outdoor kitchen is made from a combination of stainless and galvanized steel and the frame is finished with a three-layer, matte black powder coating, which makes your outdoor kitchen rust, scratch and weather resistant. You can leave the kitchen outside all year round.

The Rubix outdoor kitchen from Roostr: sustainable, design and can be put together yourself, in other words: the ultimate outdoor kitchen! Read more about Rubix here!

Allure, the newest outdoor kitchen from Roostr: A kitchen with detail, elegance and 'allure'. Designed with the most beautiful materials, this kitchen exudes class. Read more about Allure here!

Buitenkeuken met Kamado BBQ

Op zoek naar de ideale buitenkeuken voor de Kamado? Met onze modulaire buitenkeukens zie je jouw favoriete Kamado BBQ stabiel en veilig ingebouwd in het Rubix systeem. De luxe buitenkeukens van Roostr werken samen met alle gangbare maten van onder andere Big Green Egg, The Bastard, Kamado Joe en Monolith. Via onze 3D configurator kies je eenvoudig de juiste maat voor je Kamado BBQ. Ga voor een buitenkeuken met barbecue op gas, of kies voor een geïntegreerde BBQ op houtskool!

Worktops for your outdoor kitchen

What is your ideal worksheet? Worktops for outdoor kitchens are available as inlays in various styles and materials. Are you going for a warm wooden worktop or would you prefer a sustainable Dekton top?

Outdoor kitchen with refrigerator

New in the Roostr Outdoor Kitchens collection, the outdoor refrigerator. Available for both our Rubix frames and the exclusive Allure outdoor kitchen line. A refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen not only makes outdoor cooking more convenient and efficient, but it also enriches your outdoor cooking experience. It's a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys cooking and being outdoors.

Outdoor kitchen with bar

Upgrade your outdoor space with our Roostr Bar. Treat your guests to an unforgettable culinary performance. While you prepare delicious BBQ dishes, your friends and family watch, making for an interactive and entertaining experience. The Roostr Bar is the ideal way to let your friends and family enjoy delicious meals in the open air.

Outdoor kitchen on wheels

Do you like to cook in multiple places in the garden, or would you rather cook in a fixed place? Make your outdoor kitchen mobile with the Rubix on wheels. Suitable for both under a roof and in the open air.

Check out the Rubix on wheels

Outdoor kitchen with sink & tap

Do you choose an outdoor kitchen with a sink and tap as an absolute eye-catcher in the garden? The sink is flush-mounted with a seamless, integrated drain. The sink is available in stainless steel, gun metal and copper.

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A selection of our satisfied customers


Great, beautiful and high-quality outdoor kitchens and great service!

Martijn Gerritse

It's a dream come true. At least that's what it was for me. My outdoor kitchen is from Roostr. Roostr's outdoor kitchens are designed and produced in the Netherlands, so they come from Dutch soil and are made of top quality. For me it is the perfect outdoor kitchen, because the combination of stainless steel, galvanized steel and a double-layer powder coating ensures a long lifespan and the outdoor kitchen can therefore be left outside all year round. Ideal!

Miljuschka Witzenhausen

Beautiful product - quality and level of finish really on a completely different level to all other products on the market. Also very responsive and personal service. Everything custom.

Lodewijk de Graauw

Excellent service both in terms of configurator and installation by skilled installers. Very satisfied with the (material) quality of the kitchen!


Roostr supplies a very high-quality and innovative product and cannot be compared with other brands. The product looks great in terms of design, strength and finish, something you will definitely enjoy for years to come!


Frequently asked Questions

An outdoor kitchen is a kitchen that is placed outside the house, usually in the garden or on the terrace, and its purpose is to enjoy the outdoors and outdoor cooking. An outdoor kitchen can be equipped with various kitchen appliances, such as a barbecue, sink and tap, pizza oven, refrigerator and a worktop. A comfortable and practical place to cook and eat outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen provides all the amenities of a kitchen, but in the open air, and offers extra work and storage space around the BBQ. An outdoor kitchen also creates a pleasant and attractive environment for family and friends and increases the value of a house.

A Roostr outdoor kitchen is available in two sizes. A Rubix Single with the dimensions 76cm wide x 75cm deep x 90 - 92cm high. A Rubix Duo with the dimensions 148cm wide x 75cm deep x 90 - 92cm high. In other words, the ideal kitchen dimensions.

With an outdoor kitchen you can cook outside all year round. Roostr's outdoor kitchens are made from a combination of stainless and galvanized steel, making them rust, scratch and weather resistant. You can therefore leave the kitchen outside all year round.

The outdoor kitchen can be installed without a canopy. The outdoor kitchen consists of a high-quality mix of materials and is made from a combination of stainless and galvanized steel and finished with a three-layer, matte black powder coating, making the outdoor kitchen rust and weather resistant. Of course, the outdoor kitchen can also be placed under a canopy: this way you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen all year round, out of the wind and rain. For example, take a look at this outdoor kitchen under a canopy that we were able to install in Valkenswaard!

There are many different accessories you can add to your outdoor kitchen to improve its comfort, functionality and appearance. A barbecue, pizza oven, smoker, refrigerator or wine cooler are some popular options.