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Protective cover Rubix Duo

Protective cover Rubix Duo

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Now available for the Rubix Duo Frame in black.

Protect your kitchen against rain, bird droppings, blossoms and green deposits. The material ventilates and is of the best quality, so the color does not fade and remains good even at extreme temperatures. Equipped with Velcro and a buckle so that your cover can never blow away.

The protective cover can also be used in mirror image, so it does not matter whether your Kamado BBQ is placed on the left or right of the Duo Frame.

  • Made of heavy-duty waterproof material in black
  • Equipped with 4x Velcro and 1x a buckle
  • Can be used in combination with any size Kamado BBQ
  • Dimensions l 163 x d 90 x h 83 cm